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BlockBen – Block Network OÜ

9th of August 2018
Blockben – Block Network OÜ

“Gold is money. Everything else is credit.” – J.P. Morgan

BlockStock is a gold-backed cryptrocurrency which is a stable and accountable platform for transaction validation on the Blockben platform. It is not mineable with a maximum of 1.5 million for sale.

BlockStock is a unique asset class that potentially embracing all the relevant advantages of both Utility and Security cryptocurrencies. Gold-backing offers a desired level of permanence while the unlimited growth potential of the gold backing is secured by the platform’s robust business model. BlockStock performs a key role in the transaction validation process which caters every single transaction execution in the blockchain system which is validated by smart contract linked to BlockStocks.

Blockben is a comprehensive platform that delivers a great scope access to our privileged enterprise blockchain technology and facilitates software development along with other related technologies on it. Blockben serves as a database, virtual wallet, and infrastructure at the same time. Besides, it executes transaction validations and smart contracts. The greatest value of the Blockben platform is the opportune possibility to add the unlimited number of newly created assets/cryptocurrencies.

Blockben is a platform rendered by Block Network OÜ, an Estonian (member of the European Union) registered company emphasizing ethical and compliant operations under applicable law. (Licence Number FRK000069 Republic of Estonia). We have valuable references in the field of IT, finance and fintech development, innovation and in complex project management.

Company Name: Blockben
Company Website: or
Company Contacts: Viktor Bodnar

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