Fake Twitter Account Impersonates Elon Musk, Allegedly Collects Considerable Amount in Bitcoin Scam

As per the reports coming in on Nov. 5, numerous verified Twitter accounts have been hacked to impersonate Elon Musk, the renowned founder of SpaceX and Tesla. One such account allegedly collected almost $170,000 and the deposits are still coming in from the naive crypto audience.

Following the compromise of several verified accounts, scammers altered the profile name and picture in order to pose as the Tesla CEO. After that, scammers posted comment threads started by the real Elon Musk, in order to give the impression of legitimacy. Few tweets even went to the extent of saying that Elon Musk was conducting “the biggest” crypto-giveaway in the world for those who use Bitcoin and also mentioned the scam link to participate in the giveaway.

Notably, the scammers subtly changed one of the characters in the name, in order to skirt Twitter security measures. Meanwhile, they still perpetuated a display name that appeared to be “Elon Musk” at a glance, precluding Twitter from automatically flagging the account.

It is to be noted that the hackers purportedly compromised several different accounts, including those of U.S. politician Frank Pallone Jr. and film production firm Pathe U.K.

As per the reports of the Daily Beast reporter Lachlan Markay, the sources on Pallone’s campaign confirmed the account was hacked, albeit without any political goals commenting that it just looks like a Bitcoin Scam.

As per our earlier reports, several other high-profile individuals in the crypto and blockchain domain have been similarly impersonated. In the month of April, founder and CEO of Telegram Pavel Durov tweeted a warning. He told his followers that the messaging app was experiencing downtime due to its server clusters overheating. Durov’s tweet drew attention to several fake crypto giveaway scammers who posed as the Telegram CEO and claimed to offer cryptocurrencies to users as a token of gratitude for their kind support.

Twitter even saw an influx of Litecoin (LTC) founder “Charlie Lee” impersonators, in the month of January, with multiple imposters posing as the LTC creator and promoting a fake LTC giveaway. Majority of the aforementioned scammers were using Twitter handles with names very similar to the real Charlie Lee, @SatoshiLite, such as @SatoshiLitee_ and @SatoshiLitez.

Elon Musk asked Jackson Palmer, the creator of Dogecoin (DOGE), to help him combat the cryptocurrency scammers on Twitter, as per the reports of CoinAdvice in the month of September. Notably, Palmer was quite prompt in the reply. He urged Musk to reach out to him using direct messages. Following the chat, the creator of Dogecoin sent Musk a script that could allegedly solve the problem.

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