Google Allegedly Blacklists Ethereum Ads, Crypto Firms Report Issues

An Ethereum-based startup in Serbia discovered that its advertisements on Google were not being shown in certain regions, earlier this week.

Upon further exploration by the company, it was found that the specific keyword “Ethereum” has been entirely banned on Google Ads. Moreover, the keyword is not served to users on the platform.

It is to be noted that the startup attempted to contact Google to receive clarification on the removal of Ethereum-related advertisements, throughout the past few days.

On January 12, a representative of the startup said that Google did not respond to the firm and wrote that they have been using Google Ads for the past six months to facilitate them get added visibility for their smart contract auditing services. The representative also pointed out that they have noticed a strange change in the last few days. As per him, it appears that Google has entirely blacklisted Ethereum as a keyword. Moreover, any of the keywords that contain ‘ethereum’ in their campaigns are no longer showing ads as of January 9th.

Google announced the resumption of cryptocurrency-related advertisements on its platform after banning them in March of the same year, in September 2018.

Notably, when the search engine giant primarily imposed a blanket ban on cryptocurrency ads, in March last year, several analysts suggested that Google banned crypto-related ads because of an inflow of scam-related promotions on the platform. It is to be noted that the tech giant began to allow cryptocurrency-related ads, five months later, and that too under a strict guideline yet to be disclosed to the public. The permission was only given to a limited group of companies.

Taking into account that Google is watchfully bringing a diminutive fraction of crypto-related ads back to its platform, it seems quite a possibility that startups or lesser-known companies in the crypto ecosystem may not have their advertisement applications accepted by the company’s advertising platform, at least in the foreseeable future.

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