Hal Finney Started Running Bitcoin, 10 Years Ago Today

Hal Finney, a long-time cryptographer and cypherpunk, is one of the people many alleged to be Satoshi Nakamoto. It is to be noted that Finney was the first person ever to receive a Bitcoin transaction from Satoshi Nakamoto. He was quite enthusiastic about the project from the very beginning. Notably, he posted the first known tweet about Bitcoin ten years ago today:

Running bitcoin

— halfin (@halfin) January 11, 2009

Notably, the number of tweets about Bitcoin, have grown up to thousands, this present day. Nonetheless, at the time, Finney might have just been trying to get his followers drawn in the project. Interestingly, the early messages about the cryptocurrency were quite inviting. Furthermore, no one had any clue that it would become a mighty economic force, worldwide markets are still trying to adapt to.

Mainstream financial analysts frequently dismissed Bitcoin as something that couldn’t possibly stand the test of time, when they first came across Bitcoin. Nonetheless, no one is of the opinion that cryptocurrencies or digital assets are going anywhere, in today’s age. However, the mantra of “Bitcoin maximalism” appears to be vanishing as dozens of other cryptocurrencies develop brawny market capitalizations.

Finney tweeted, eleven days later, that anonymity was lacking in Bitcoin. On January 21, 2009, he mentioned that he was looking at ways to add more anonymity to bitcoin.

Six days after that, Finney’s credence is mounting. He conjectured about the environmental implications of cryptocurrency mining. On January 27, 2009, he tweeted that he is thinking about how to reduce CO2 emissions from an extensive Bitcoin execution.

It is to be noted that Hal Finney was employee number 2 at the PGP Corporation. PGP Corporation built its business on the open source Pretty Good Privacy public-key cryptography tech developed in the early 90s. Interestingly, PGP and GPG (a Free and Open Source alternative implementation) remain the most actively used cryptographic protocols for e-mail and other categories of communications on the web. Furthermore, Symantec acquired PGP Corporation in 2010 for $300 million. By this point, Finney was watching Bitcoin burgeon and became a significant voice in the community.

It is to be noted that Hal Finney died on August 28th, 2014. The alleged cause of his demise was Lou Gehrig’s disease.

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