IBM Adding Blockchain Patents, Plans to Manage Data for Autonomous Vehicles

IBM is allegedly planning to add, to its group of blockchain patents, a new implementation to manage interactions and data for self-driving vehicles. The patent was published by the US Patent and Trademark Office on April 2.

Notably, IBM earlier filed considerable patents for a variety of inventions related to autonomous cars. As per the documents, IBM outlines that a blockchain system could, in effect, boost SDV configurations by permitting for strong information and privacy validation.

It is to be noted that the context for forthcoming blockchain implementation would be a system wherein an SDV interacts and predicts the actions of the drivers of non-autonomous vehicles nearby.

Interestingly, the aforementioned patent first outlines the different parameters that can be used to assess the behavior of nearby drivers, using a wide array of sensor technologies, and how these can be utilized to optimize risk assessment based on the predicted and the actual movement of nearby vehicles/drivers.

In the patent, IBM allegedly proposes that blockchain can improve this complex structure and real-time use of environmental analytics and prediction models by enabling full data functionality. Notably, the privacy of others is also retained while enabling full data functionality, according to the proposal.

It is to be noted that the sensor data can be logged into a blockchain system. In the system, public key infrastructure is used to produce the right public-private pair associate to each SDV/driver, according to IBM. In the SDV/driver, each data uploading or accessing transaction is cryptographically signed using the private key. Moreover, the aforementioned patent notes that the system would only allow authorized entities to access the data.

Interestingly, the patent outlines how an SDV can then access the forecasted conduct of the nearby drivers in real-time. As per the patent, this would allegedly be achieved by means of a blockchain client application — by scanning, for instance, a nearby license plate number.

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