Walmart Launches New Blockchain-based Delivery System

Walmart, an American retail giant, is happy to announce its most recent blockchain-related patent application. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) reported this innovative product is described as a ‘secure’ delivery management system.

The new patent application is called ‘Delivery Reservation Apparatus and Method.’ This employs a blockchain-based management system that is used for transferring lockers to keep the items being transported safely until they reach the buyers and accept the products they purchase.

This ‘blockchain reservation’ technology is advised for ‘some embodiments’ of the process to identify the free lockers from those occupied.

As cited, each space on the docking station has a specified capacity unit for every location on the station. All transactions for the units are being tracked in a ledger. It has capacity units that provide an open location on the station or contracted out units showing either the location has a secured locker or reserved for a future delivery.

The patent stated each docking station could be a node within a blockchain network. It added it can make frequent references to a “public ledger,” which serves as an open record of all existing and stored units within the system.

Earlier, Cointelegraph noted Walmart applied for a patent for a “smart package” blockchain-powered tool. It will be used to track a wide range of information such as package contents, location, environmental data, and other pertinent information.

Walmart has proactively created various blockchain solutions to enhance its offerings. Previously, it has inked a deal with IBM to implement a blockchain process to track global food inventory using its supply chain.

In April this year, the retail giant boasted its initiative to use blockchain for its live food business. Also, it has applied for other blockchain patents intended for medical records and got accepted this June. This was a blockchain-based customer resale marketplace, along with a crypto-powered energy-saving management technology.

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